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The main target client eFOX works with are enterprises. However, depending on each type of service, we still have clients as individuals and organizations domestically and internationally

Currently, eFOX provides 7 main types of services including Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Development, eCommerce Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Hotel – Resort Marketing, and Brand Identity.

eFOX has many advantages compared to other companies in the same field such as Diverse customer data, constantly researching and collecting user habits and actions, regular technology updates, supporting and accompanying enterprise during its lifetime, specific and detailed strategy tailored to each business.

Depending on each industry, eFOX has different processes accordingly. Basically, our process is as follows:

  • Receiving requests from client;
  • Researching the project;
  • Planning the implementation roadmap;
  • Confirming by the client;
  • Implementing the project;
  • Handing over and conducting the project acceptance; and
  • 24/7 supporting and advising. Guarantee and maintenance.

In the beginning, when we receive the information, you will work with the customer service department. Next, in the project implementation period, you will work directly with the project department. During this period, if you feel dissatisfied with any individual, we could assign other personnel to fit your requirements.

We are not limited by working time and space. Currently, we have 3 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and the United Kingdom. We provide the services including but not limited to the areas we have mentioned on our Services site. Regarding the specific working time in each office, please visit the link:

Depending on each project, we have different ways to charge services. We basically have the following methods of charging: By hourly rate; By project; and By monthly.

We have different processes and KPIs for each type of service. Basically when a client contacts us, then tell us about the size of the business and requests, we will have a specific plan for the KPI implementation roadmap in different stages accordingly.

Absolutely, upon the handover and acceptance of the project, we will have a business guidance and training section to use the services and tools that eFOX provides.

Your business does not necessarily need an in-house marketing specialist to work with us. We always advise and execute the project of the highest standard, regardless of whether your business has an internal marketing specialist.


Website Development

If you are selling a certain product, owning a sales website is absolutely necessary. You will then have a much more competitive advantage.

It depends on the size of your industry and business. Normally, for the basic eCommerce Website, the completion time is from 15 to 20 days.

The client can manage and update the website after it’s done. However, to ensure the project is smooth, we recommend that the client should update the website upon our consultancy and supervision.

Yes, the client needs to prepare the desired content and images.  If the client does not have any ideas for content or images, our content and design department will advise the client on choosing the suitable materials.

To complete a website, the necessary and sufficient condition includes the following fixed costs:

  • Domain cost, e.g.;
  • Website Hosting/Server maintenance cost; and
  • Source code, code to implement the website.

eCommerce Website Development

Yes, depending on each client industry, we will accordingly provide website design templates to suit the client’s business.

It depends on the size of your industry and business. Normally, for the basic eCommerce Website, the completion time is from 15 to 20 days.

Yes, in addition to the basic content and images, you also need to prepare more product information including: price, size, product details,…

Yes, the client can manage and update eCommerce Website after it’s done. However, we recommend that the client should update the website upon our supervision and suggestions.

The method to charge the eCommercial Website depends on the size of the business, domestically or internationally, the number of products or additional complex functions depends on the country.

Mobile Application Development

Currently, mobile applications are essential for many businesses. Depending on the size of the business and type of industry, when the client contacts us, we will learn, research the pros and cons, feasibility and application of your business before a making mobile application design.

Currently, mobile applications are mostly based on platforms of Apple, Google and Microsoft. Depending on the needs of the business and our analysis of the products/services the client are providing, we will accordingly provide specific figures and choose the most appropriate platform for your business.

It depends on the size and specific requirements of each application. Normally, a mobile application needs a minimum of 30 working days for completion.

The method of charging depends on each project’s requirements. We may charge an hourly rate or charge per project scale to be published. Also, for paid mobile apps, we may charge by partnering with the customer later and collecting initial initialization fees.

SEO Service

The advantages of SEO are numerous: (i) You can save more costs; (ii) Conversion rates are higher than regular ads; (iii) The brand identity level is higher than other direct competitors so that your business is more well-received by the public; (iv) Reaching the right customers in need; (iv) Ranking on the search engine for long-term sustainability; and finally (v) Proactively controlling the costs incurred.

We certainly do not limit keywords. For each project and client requirement, our team is always flexible in keywords and follows the budget that clients can afford as well.

The only downside of SEO is time. Depending on the field and competitors, the keywords can be fast or slow to get to the top of Google. However, for regular keywords, the minimum time is 1 month.

You just need to tell us your website, the amount of budget that your business can pay for SEO services. We will plan, quote and respond to you within 24 hours

It depends a lot on many factors such as: How are your competitors? Do they invest in SEO services? The next factor is … Google, because Google always updates the algorithms daily, which may lead to one day when your Website suddenly disappears from the search results. About eFOX’s SEO service, we offer a monthly maintenance package or a warranty period of 3-6 months.

The charging method for SEO of eFOX is based on 2 factors: (i) The number of keywords you request; (ii) The difficulty of the field and competitors in that field.

Digital Marketing

For each project and business model oprerated by the client, we will offer different types of digital marketing methods accordingly. These types include: Content Marketing, Social Marketing, Google Advertising, Traditional Advertising (banner, TVC,…), Scripting and recording video, Email and SMS marketing, …

As eFOX mentioned above, when the client contacts us, eFOX will have a specialist team to research the field of client activities. Accordingly, eFOX will offer the most appropriate methods of digital marketing that reach the target customers of each client business.

Our calculation method is based on many factors such as: Investment resources of client, work efficiency as agreed, hourly rate or fixed amount for each specific project.

Our calculation method is based on many factors such as: Investment resources of client, work efficiency as agreed, hourly rate or fixed amount for each specific project.

Hotel/Resort - Restaurant Marketing

If you are the owner of a restaurant or accommodation, the use of marketing services is really necessary. This helps you stand out from the other competitors as all information and search are now beginning from the Internet before the customers make decisions.

Marketing methods for hotels/resorts, restaurants including OTA marketing, Social marketing, Marketing by famous people, TVC, Email marketing, SMS marketing, SEO, Google Advertising or through travel groups.

We offer a variety of pricing options: It may depend on the budget, the conversion rate, or based on the booking rate and table reservation rate of the business.

Brand Identity

For Brand Identity service, we have the following detailed products: logo design for businesses; corporate brand identity design; brand development marketing; brand development consultancy.

Of course, you could choose to build a section, some parts or any type of specific product or service that you want to promote to the community.

We charge differently for each segment of the brand identity service. Usually, we charge fees based on the brand size and coverage desired by the client.

eFOX does not support the copyright registration because we do not work in the field of intellectual property law. However, through our law community relationships, eFOX will introduce the client to reputable law firms so that the client can work directly with law firms in this field. Please note that we are not responsible for any mistakes outside the fields we are providing.

For each different brand identity package, we will have a different completion time. Normally, it will be at least 1 working week.

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