Hotel – Resort Marketing

Tourism market is always a dynamic industry, from facilities to people. Accommodation activities such as hotels and resorts are interested in as well as good investing. Understanding about that, eFOX Solution expanded the field of intensive marketing for Hotel, Resort and Restaurant. Help these services reach to customers who use the services for your business.


OTA Marketing

OTA (Online Travel Agent) is an online travel agent, selling travel products and services such as hotel rooms, tours, airline tickets … for service providers.

All the purchase, sale and payment transactions are online. OTA obviously has been developed in the world with famous brands such as TripAdvisor, Booking, Agoda, Expedia, …

eFOX has had experience in managing OTA channels for various hotels and resorts. We definitely know how to display your property in priority locations.

Also in conjunction with the auto software management system OTA. Will help hotels, resorts manage and operate easier to book from customers.


Social Network Marketing

Perhaps no need to discuss more about the coverage of social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok …

Based on the actual experience of running ads for many different hotels and resorts. Our experts team in the advertising field through our social media channels understands the user behavior and habits related to the field of tourism.

Furthermore, our services help to promote the fastest and most accurate to guests who want to travel, enjoy and relax. It would obviously be flawed if the property ignored the form of access through these social media channels.


In fact, it absolutely can be said that your business is shown up in the top of Google search results is a great effect for any hotel/resort. The advantages of hotel SEO services, resorts are savings cost instead of paying commissions for OTA channels or the cost of advertising via social networks or google advertising service for your accommodation.

Depending on the size and price of the hotel/resort invests in marketing services we will take note and consider giving the most reasonable solutions.

With our experience, our SEO services have been affirmed and achieved results through many distinct fields. We are confident in providing SEO services for hotels and resorts.


Google Advertising

The hotel marketing service through running google ads gives instantly results to your property.

However, the disadvantage of this form is its expensive price because of the competitive of these hotel and resort fields. So the display and payment for per click will often have a high price when running ads on google.

With long experience in running google ads, eFox solution will figure out the  suitable advice about hotels and resorts for customers to choose the right form of accommodation facility.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms to date. It’s one of the path in Digital Marketing service. But still retain its inherent value. With the Email marketing, customers are mainly in the officer. Those who are financially capable and always want to find good accommodation establishments when traveling with their relatives and families.

eFOX Solution has carried out Email Marketing for many different fields and got a lot of perfect results on every project we undertake. With the email data we have in those  fields, we are confident to help hotels and resorts reach to customers quickly and accurately.


SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the fastest way which directly delivers the information to customers. With long experience, along with running many projects through sending SMS to a variety of customers.

Currently our mobile customer data store has reached tens of thousands.  We are with the fully confidence to help your property reach to customers in the fastest and most accurate.

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