What’s PBN? How to find Private Blog Networks 2023 (PBN) A to Z

What’s PBN How to find Private Blog Networks (PBN) A to Z

One of the pretty effective techniques in building links do you know what it is? That is building PBN. So what is PBN? This article will explain you all the knowledge about PBN.

Summary of link building

As you know, link building is the most important element of google evaluating whether a website has been on the top ever or not!

There are some people who think link building will be less effective and no longer an important factor, instead of content, traffic, … more important.

I do not deny it is wrong, but I am sharing with you the most important thing today, maybe it will not work in the next few years but now and maybe at least a few years.

But the link building job is extremely difficult. Not every SEOer knows how to do it correctly / effectively. Even the most knowledgeable SEO people are not good link building people.

Almost 50% of SEO in the world only do link building in web 2.0 / social media, link profiles, forum forums, blog comments, etc.

When it comes to linkbuilding, it is impossible not to mention PBN. So what is PBN? Today I will share with you about PBN (private blog network – old domain) to use for linkbuilding, a skill I absolutely love.

Well, before you get to the main point, if you are a newbie and have just come to know me, I think it is best for you to stop reading this article. experience and knowledge for enlightenment!

Why is PBN effective?

You will clearly see why it is so clearly effective today in the world when you read this article.

Rumors about the Private Blog Network

It is true that there are many rumors about PBN these years. Even Google has announced that the PBN (old domain) will be devalued if they find that the links if the new website creates different content completely from the old website. So PBN will be greatly devalued compared to the past.

Or google has released a “sink” update on March 8, 2017 and many people said PBN has been removed. So in the current SEO era, is PBN worth the investment?

Rumors about the PBN
Rumors about the Private Blog Network on 08 March 2017
Google update for PBN
Google update for PBN at the end of December 2016

Yes, I acknowledge that a lot of PBN issues have occurred over the past few years, in fact, it has been “sniffed” by Google and has been algorithmically ongoing to combat it since 2012 – 2013. Not right now.

But not so that PBN is no longer useful, but you just need to CHANGE THE WAY to find the exact PBN and still be trusted by Google, for the power as before.

First I will explain to you what PBN is and some examples of PBN …

What’s PBN?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network – The name of the website system you created to create quality backlinks pointing to moneysite (the web you need to seo).

Usually people use the old domain name, web 2.0 to build this PBN system. To better understand why you should choose Private Blog Net Work in link building, you need to learn more about the old domain name first.

The basics of PBN

Example about Private Blog Network

So what is the old domain?

Assuming John is a business owner company A and was founded in 2008 (website A was established in the same year), John spent a lot of effort to market and brand A to the world. Many websites in the field and the press write articles about A and Trieu as well as for a lot of quality backlinks to website A.

After 5 years of construction (2013), John discovered that he did not like the name of domain A, and wanted to change the name to domain B, but Trieu was a person who did not understand SEO, so John bought domain B and gave up domain A – a domain that has a lot of value for getting extremely good backlinks from the last 5 years.

And so that by the day of renewal, John does not renew domain A anymore, domain A will become the old domain name. I can buy it and enjoy all (not to the full extent but almost) the value of the John built for that domain A in the last 5 years.

After that, I created a new website (the way I will talk later) and wrote an article and then backlinked my moneysite (site to SEO) and my rankings greatly influenced because domain A is a very valuable domain!

The period of a domain

Many of you know the concept of PBN above but not everyone knows the cycle of these domain names. This is also the knowledge section to help you know that Private Blog Network is still very effective.

So how is the domain cycle?

Domain ==> Expires ==> Auction ==> expired

I will explain the line above as follows:

If you own a domain aged from 2003 but until the date of renewal (this year is 2019 => 16 years old), you do not renew so it will expire.

At that time it will be auctioned off so that everyone can bid. If someone chooses to buy at auction and win, he or she will own it or else it will become expired domain. Now you will be able to buy it at your domain registrar like godaddy.

Both when you buy it will retain the current number of links to the website (if no one retracts any backlinks)

The reason to choose auction domain, not expired domain

choose domain auction
You should choose auction domain instead of expired domain

Most people buy and search expired domain at expireddomains.net.

But I do not encourage you to buy there but choose to buy auction domain.

Of course it is more expensive but the following are the main reasons:

  • Auction domains are almost always better and much better than expired domains(You Get What You Pay For).
  • Difference of expired domain and auction domain: When you win the auction domain then pay and the domain transfers to your account, that domain is kept at the age of 16 years (for example, when the domain was created in 2003).
    BUT when you buy expired domain, it will reset its age (for example, if you buy on March 1, 2018, its life will be counted on March 1, 2018), as I said above, google will lower value of EXPIRED domain, but auction domain is not.
  • Footprint issue: Suppose you bought 10 expired domains and 10 auction domains. Often you will try to earn and buy it for a day. So when you buy 10 expired domain, it has a “date of birth” on March 1, 2018 and auction domain, its “date of birth” very very rarely coincides.
    Imagine that you have continuous backlinks from 10 domains and these 10 domains were “born” on March 1, 2018. Then google looks at you with skeptical eyes now. Those are the reasons why I advise you to buy harder but the quality is free.

Prepare the tool

looking for PBN
looking for PBN has been a difficult journey

Searching for PBN (Private blog network) is a difficult that you will have to get acquainted.

If you have experience then good. What if you are inexperienced or don’t even know what PBN is all about?

The answer is, if you do not have experience, it will take a lot of time and have a lot of difficulties doing it. You try something new, it will be difficult.

But be strong, I will be here to assist you to guide you in the success of this search:

Essential steps for PBN

1. Looking for PBN
2. Building PBN
3. Post and backlink posts

In this section, I will share with you on how to looking for PBN first.

3 tools you need to have:

1. Majestic
2. Ahrefs
3. Domain finder (Registercompass / Domcop)

Of course there are many tools for you to find domains out there. But for now, I find Registercompass and Domcop the most impressive to me.

Currently, I only use RegisterCompass to look for pbn. So in this article I will do a separate about Registercompass. You use domcop can apply the same.

Reason for using Registercompass tool:

Not because it’s better than Domcop or it is the best. The truth is I have heard a lot of good reviews about domcop. And many say it’s more than registercompass.

But you know!

When you get used to a company’s product and you find it still gives you a lot of value then …

Even if it’s better than your company’s favorite, it’s hard to use.

Because your favorite company has built a relationship with you for a long time. And me too. But do not have another company whose product is superior to the product you are using is okay.

Here domcop just a little better with registercompass only. But I’m not an idiot to see other products that excel without using it.

So if you’re a less experienced / beginner then I recommend domcop!

Indicators you need to know when searching PBN

If you are a beginner or do not understand (as you think you understand) then …

I recommend that you need to understand the indicators:

  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Rating url (UR)
  • Trust Flow (TF)
  • Citation Flow (CF)
  • Domain age

… before searching for pbn and coming to this promised land!

Types of auctions you should to know

As far as I know, the auction / expired / expired domain names are divided into the following groups:

1. Prerelease ($ 69)
2. Public ($ 10)
3. Buynow ($ 8)
4. Offer
5. Reverse

I will explain to you the above auction domain types.


Prerelease is like a private auction. That is when the domain is published on the floor, it will notify the number of days for people to sign up for an auction and then close.

The example here is 5 days. After 5 days if 5 people register to bid, it will open another auction cycle. For example, here is 3 days. During these 3 days, whoever out of the 5 higher bid participants wins.


The floor level for both registration and auction will be $ 69. Well, it won’t charge you $ 69. How much you bid on the domain name when you win, you pay only that much, no fee is required. But only when you register, you are like telling the auction house is “I am willing to bid at least 69 dollars for this domain => You are allowed to attend”.

Of course! If the lowest bid is 69 dollars/1 domain, the quality of the domain will often be the best!


Public ($ 10), this is a public auction floor with a floor price of $ 10. Suppose it is open for 7 days, then after 7 days. Whoever bids at the highest level, the domain will belong to that person, simple as that.



Buynow ($ 8), here, the domain owner will set the price. They offer as much as you pay it, that’s all and the lowest price is $ 8.

(Well, more than 90% of domain buy now have a sky-high price of “illusion” guys. They sell brand new domains for several thousand dollars. Because they hope that domain name will be a brand name. Famous company and that company will pay them $ 5000 to have this domain in the future – crazy guy !!)


Offer, This domain will not have a price, you have to pay the price (a type of negotiation) with the owner of that domain. If they agree, they will sell (usually the higher one will pay).


Reverse – this is simple and straightforward. That I DON’T KNOW! So I can not explain it to you, because I have not “try” the domain in this Reverse category, so I endured! Easy to understand, isn’t it.

The auction floor


Currently there are 3 largest auction floors in the world. It is Godaddy, Namejet and snapnames and I compete at Godaddy mainly (the fee to join Godaddy auction is $ 5/1 year). A small part went to Namejet, because namejet
almost domain 69 $ and Godaddy is 10-12 $ mainly.

Okay, you understand quite a bit about domain knowledge. Now let’s get started!

Attention when choosing the old domain name to be PBN.

Always look general

This is extremely important.

What this means?

I mean, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, etc. are not a perfect tool. So if a domain has TF (Trust flow) = 0, that doesn’t mean it is thrown away. Sometimes it is a real gold if you choose right.

Important indicators when choosing PBN

What are the key indicators that you need to understand when choosing PBN? That is…

1. Trust flow> 9

2. Trust flow rate (TF) and Citation flow (CF)

Don’t let CF guy be twice as big as TF guy. Simply because TF is the average quality of a link to the web. And CF is the overall quantity, so you want quality over quantity. Because TF is low and CF is high, most links are spam links.

If the TF and CF cases are not as good as I said, it does not mean that you leave the domain, but you should take a closer look.
Because Majestic is not a 100% perfect tool. Of course, having an index would be much, much better. But that doesn’t mean TF = 0 means that the domain name is weak or not worth it at all.

3. The number of reffering domains of the majestic in the Fresh index

This means that the number of domains that come to the website in the last 90 days, you will want this number as much as possible, but not too much.

Reffering Domain (RD) in 90 days to refill, the maximum should be 400-500 nothing. Because more than that number, make sure they use tools more than 90% already. But does not mean that the domain is spam! It just increases the likelihood of being spammed. Sometimes the opposite is true, which means that domain is too good!

4. DR / DA and UR / PA

As you know, DA (Moz) is similar to DR (Ahrefs) and UR (Ahrefs) is similar to PA (Moz). But you should know that I no longer care about so many DA and PA guys.

Because the Moz tool is no longer improving and updating their tool like Ahrefs and Majestic, it updates much slower. And this started from the end of 2015. So DA and PA are no longer exactly the same.

I just say my point is not to mind, the rest is up to you to decide. Because I see a lot of top seo in the world still looking at DA and PA at the present time.

If it were me, I would choose domains with at least DR> 20 and UR> 9.

Check out the version

When you do, remember to check the www, non-www and https: // versions as well.

That means typing in tools ahrefs/majestic www.efoxvn.com, efoxvn.com and https://efoxvn.com and https://www.efoxvn.com.

Because you won’t know what the “real” version of that old domain is and which links are linked the most. (see picture below).

For my part, I usually check www.efoxvn.com and efoxvn.com only (due to the experience and I want to be quick).


Way back machine (WBM) – The machine goes back in time

Sounds interesting, right? It is a website that allows you to leave a link to another domain to check its activity throughout its life from birth. You just need to google and type “way back machine” and it is for you immediately.


You will have to check to see if the website / content has changed over the years.

For example, if you consider that it was in the form of A in 2004, it was in the form of A in 2009. If it is different from the field or looks like a satellite web or it is from English to Chinese / Japanese, … specified)

That means a high percentage of people have already acquired and used it as pbn.

But the case you see it is abc.com in 2005. But through 2012, it was 301/302 redirected to abcd.com.

That means the new website owner changed to another domain to build a brand. (Of course you also have to look at it in the same field and if the brand was a baby bird when it was abc.com).

You will understand better when I do the simulation below.

Anchor text / backlinks


When you look for PBN, you want to chose real brand names. I mean the domain of a strong company, developing online / offline and pulling backlinks from news sites in the field / journal in a very natural way. Rather than a web that was fired, the link was broken.

This is also the reason most people make PBN SEO fail miserably. Because they are just too important in the index. When they see DA > 40, they fly into the auction / buy continuously. Meanwhile, they did not check whether the source of backlinks came from the beginning and how the anchor text.

Even worse, they just check the DA, DR is so high that they buy right away, but they don’t even consider it as a TF or CF index.

That is part of the important reason why ??

Many, many other people also do PBN SEO, there are PBN DA 60, DR 60 but I only with 1 pbn DR 40, DA 20 is also stronger than dozens of their pbn web!


It is simply that my web is extremely natural, is the web of a true and growing business company. And they are just a web spamming backlinks to index. So google rated their website never high is right.


Somebody say:

“But I think its backlink has backlinks from wikipedia and its DA is equal to 40. It must be good.”

Again, you have to look at GENERAL!

Here, backlink wiki means wiki. But the truth is that there are tons of people out there skilled at getting links from wikis with just a few tricks.

Even I can get it easily with a few tricks. Perhaps no one out there doing that?

Even that wiki link is a natural link …

But that doesn’t mean the remaining 1000 backlinks (assuming that) aren’t spam links.

I mean, 1 wiki link and 999 spam links is the same web as spam. So I emphasize again: GENERAL!

Overview Picture Of PBN

a. The anchor text that goes on is all the brand anchor and generic anchor text:

Meaning you will see anchor text like:

  • efox
  • https://efoxvn.com
  • https://www.efoxvn.com
  • efoxvn.com
  • website
  • here
  • access website
  • our website

Rather than a website with anchor text like the image below!


As you can see, in the image above its anchor text is almost exactly seo anchor text. Prove this is a website that has seo before.

But you try to think about it.

Why has a website been seo and people abandoned it and not renewed? More than 99% of the answers will revolve around the problem of the website, so people just give up

Why has a website been seo and people abandoned it and not renewed? More than 99% of the answers will revolve around the problem of the website, so people just give up

b. Backlinks come from related sites.

I mean, if your website is about SEO, the websites that point to you should be websites of the same SEO or at least marketing.

If you ask why can there be?

Hard to have the same field website pointing to it!

So I just said it is a true average business website.

A real business website that has been operating for several years is no reason not to have backlinks from the same field. Or if their business is too small, it is only natural for them to have no.

So you choose to buy?

So, here, I will show you how to set up a Register compass to filter out those websites from the beginning. However, if you use another program to search for a domain, you can do the same.

Index> 0:

Yes, that’s right, the website must at least index 1 page on google for me to choose. If you wonder if the domain name has expired, how can it be indexed? Yes, it is still possible, quite possible. So get rid of that thought right away.

But saying that does not mean that the domain does not index the whole domain. It only increases the likelihood that the domain is penalized to / or the domain is weak.

Yes, just like that! The truth is if you can only bring one thing when looking for domains from me. Then I will tell you the most important thing is OVERVIEW. As long as you have enough weapons to go to war!

Brief summary:

1. Anchor text brand
2. Backlinks come from websites with related domains
3. The content on the website is still the same content / company over time – by the time you buy it (the way back machine).
So you have enough luggage to go to war. Here are a series of images and sample domains that I found for you as an example!

Practice finding domains

First, when you register with the Register compass, you will set up the following parameters.

If you use domcop or other tools to earn it, do the same!

1. Index> 0
2. Trust flow> 9
3. DA> 10


The following is that you choose the auction floor and what type of auction domain is also the auction expiry date. Here I will choose the parameters I use, 5 days to expire, and the godaddy auction floor.
Then press enter or click search domain:


Here expiring domain is the domain near the expiry date. Expired domain is an expired domain as mentioned above. And auction domain is auction domain. Here it is 1953 which means there are 1953 domains for auction.


After dialing the number 1953, you have 3 ways to filter to earn fast. Here, you can filter by DA, majestic or domain age – or filter as you like)


I select by TF, order from high to low.

I usually do that to filter pbn easily, but this is not the best way.


Then you just need to put each domain in Majestic order. (Because I usually consider TF and its index reffering its domain first for auction).

Then Ahrefs (see where the anchor text and backlinks come from), then go to WBM to see what the site was before. To be able to confirm that:

Backlinks to the same related field?
Has the website content been changed?
You can watch my video for domain directly to make it easier (at the bottom of the post). Here I will select a number of domains to easily show you. Because the article is “too long” already …

Action Steps

Step 1: analytic domain with majestic:


Tasty!! Overall delicious, root domain has the word travel (meaning tourism). And when you look at TF you see that it is mostly light blue (23) and comes from the Recreation / TRAVEL websites.

Travel has a backlink from travel is great. When I look like this, more than 80% I’ll choose it already.

But here the Reffering domain is 43 but the IP reffering is only 18. I don’t really like it! This means that the link comes from 43 domains but only has 18 IPs.

The ratio of reffering domain should not be more than 2 times of IP. But again, OVERVIEW. So I will take a closer look.

Step 2: Put in Ahrefs to see anchor text and backlinks:


In general, I think that anchor text is okay. Because it’s full domain brand Phnom Penh Travel, also quite satisfactory.

Step 3: Put Way Back Machine in check:

Then I’ll put in the wayback machine to see what it says about.

I think it will talk about travel – travel already.

Assuming you are stupid like me at the time, don’t know phnom penh is a tourist attraction! I thought it was company name at the time)

Then I put it in WBM to see if it changed the content and the website talked about.


In general, the web operates from 2000 to 2016 on a regular basis. Meaning up to 99% that this website has never been acquired or turned into pbn! Good news, it looks like a very good domain name.

Step 4: Compare domain image by timeline

Then, just to be safe, I will compare images of domain names in 2005, 2010 and 2016 to see how it looks

Domain name at 2005:


Domain at 2010


Overall it’s great!

99.9% I will choose this domain already, even if it is an exact match domain.

That means even though the domain name has the exact keyword seo,…

It dates back to 2000 and at that time only a few people in the world knew about seo.

So the probability is not high now that the web has been seo.

But the content remains the same, only the website design is changed.

And this is only natural.

A web dating back to 2000 could it keep that 2000 look until 2018 today?

Step 5: Add in ahrefs to analyze backlinks.

To see if it is coming from related websites?


Fuc***, look suspicious !! Most backlinks come from the homepage, although they are all in the same travel field.

But fuc**, there is no natural website that backlinks all come from the home page.

And you will see on the right, the way to put the link 100% is to look at it in the footer.

Example 1:

I will show you the picture below.

I take the website about Cambodia Travel, Angkowat Travel, Phnom Phenh Travel as an example.

Make sure it has the same backlink to pages about it about 100% cambodiatravel.


This is the website backlink to phnompenhtravel.com and if you notice, you will find its web design almost similar.


And yes, exactly as I said, scroll down to the footer of it, you will see all the backlinks are placed in the footer, looking like this page has been seo sure!

Even though in 2000 it was placed naturally and not intended to seo no matter what, with that type of backlink and the overlapping IP, google will certainly look to the present time.

Example 2:


Well, look at this 80% rate is spam already. As you can see, RD 281 and RI have 95 only, there are links from 281 domain addresses but only 95 Ip is considered.

I will give up straight but in this case I will analyze further to show you.

Next is to put in ahrefs.


You can see that the anchor text goes to most of the brand and the url, there is a bit of anchor text from Chinese (apparently), if it’s you then I think you will choose it because anchor text is brand, But I’m not!

The reason why?

Simply dofollow link has 210 links but all its parents are links to anchor text http://www.tommyirvincampaign.com/ already!

Too suspicious! There is no way such a coincidence can exist.

You must understand that if a domain has 10 incoming links and 9 links with anchor text is efox, this is very reasonable, but if you have 300 links and 290 links with anchor text is efox, it is extremely suspicious here. !

Similarly in the case of, there are links from 2 domains but have 1 IP (rate of 50%) but links from 100 domains and only 50 IPs (also 50% rate) then google guy will “look”, lower quality the amount of backlinks or even penalize the domain that has links from the other 100 domains, and the other guy doesn’t!

Scale is one thing but it depends on the number. So you should remember this!

Following the procedure above, I will put it into the wayback machine.


Here you will see that when I put in WBM, it reported an error. That is, someone blocking WBM did not show it. (Often blocked by people that means that the website is so shady then so new).

But remember to be sure of it:

  • http://www.tommyirvincampaign.com
  • http://tommyirvincampaign.com
  • tommyirvincampaign.com
  • https://tommyirvincampaign.com
  • https://www.tommyirvincampaign.com

Just to be sure.

You want to know which version is most accurate, you can use Ahrefs.

I will show you the next step.

But if it does not, it does not mean that the web is bad or bad. It just increases the likelihood that WBM is also an imperfect tool. So it is normal to see bugs sometimes.

So I will check backlinks next.


Well, this batch is gone. Full link from Japan to the website. If you look at the right of the image, you will also see that the same way to link, as well as the entire link from the homepage.

Example 3:


Look at it again, it will be very good, because TF has a main color. That is, the website has backlinks coming from the same field. The RD and RI ratios are also great at 42 and 39. I hope it’s not like the previous two cases!

Next will be ahrefs.


As you can see, anchor text is also brand and url, great !!

Next is WBM.


The period of time when the website was active continuously, great!


Content of this website talk about Javascript

Back to viewing the source of backlinks from ahrefs.


Good, very good !! As you can see, the links come from linkedin, and all the titles of the incoming links are in javascript (no need to look at each website to know it talks about javascript).

The link is all from code and javascript, too good !! That’s enough, bring it to auction now and always!

(Of course, in this example, I took one of my pbn websites, venusjs.org).

Maybe You’ll interested in Instructions How to SEO website top Google 2020


That’s the whole share of how I do exactly how to make old domain money!

Of course it will have a lot of other parts to mention. That’s the way to create it, how to use it, and so on, but the article is too long, I’ll leave it behind.

But you can also visit one of my pbn venusjs.org to see how I do / write articles and go to links.

Hopefully after this article, you will understand what PBN is and how to apply it well in your work.

I hope you will share this article so I have inspiration to continue writing!

Good luck!!!

Please share to get back!

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