How To Set Up Super Quality Backlink In 2023


At present and in the future, Backlink is the main factor that helps you improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking on Google. Super quality backlink SEO can help you increase 10, 15 or even 30 rankings in one jump.

Ranking up always depends on many factors. For example about your current position on Google, what your SEO domains and keywords are ..?

I mean this super quality backlink will be worth more than 1.000, 10.000. Even 100.000 backlinks that you write from creating links on social networks, web 2.0 or forums, …

Before getting into the main problem of how to create quality backlinks in 2020, first, you and I need to understand clearly what a quality backlink is like?

Basically, to form a super-quality backlink, you need 2 factors:

  • The strength and authority of Link
  • The relevance of that link.

I will break it down into small pieces and tell you details to make it easier to understand.

Strength, authority of the link


To evaluate how powerful and trusted a link from a website is, you need to understand:

  • DR (Domain Rating – or DA of Moz): DR shows the strength and trustworthiness of the entire website based on backlink to that website. This metric is mainly based on offpage SEO and has the range of accuracy lower than UR on Google Ranking.
  • UR (Url Rating – or PA of moz): UR is used to measure the strength of backlink in a specific URL and the capacity of that URL will have a high ranking on Google. UR is based on a logarithmic scale from 1 to 100, with higher value means that it is stronger.
  • TF (Trust Flow): This is one of the metrics that used to evaluate the trustworthiness of a website. TF is based on the quality evaluation of the URL that you want to link.
  • CF (Citation Flow): This is also one of the metrics that used to evaluate the trustworthiness and the influence of a particular website. CF is based on the number of backlinks from another website.

When looking for quality backlinks, a lot of you make mistakes. They only focus on TF and CF scores and then try to get the link back in the hope that the link will improve keyword rankings. This is not true in many cases.

2 Basic type of backlink:


At this point, you need to understand that there are 2 types of links:

Links you create: This could be:

  • Links are generated from Facebook
  • Links are inserted in the posts you post on the forum
  • Signature links when you leave comments on blogs, … These are links that anyone can create.

Links you earn: are links inserted into other people’s posts pointing to your website. Example: You want the SEO keyword “seo service” and you go to websites with the same SEO field (maybe the website of competitors) to get the link pointing back to your site. Or the page that posts a certain article with a link pointing to your site, those are the links you earn.

The fact that not everyone can create the “links you earn”. Because this type of link greatly affects your search rankings. And it’s quite difficult to create.

Therefore, getting a link from the page (assuming a DA (Domain Authority) = 30) will affect your keyword rankings much more than creating a blogger page with DA = 100 then backlink turns back to your website.

Sometimes, even if you have thousands of backlinks from websites such as blogspot, wordpress or forum, blog comment…. It will have very little effect and doesn’t even help you jump to any rankings.

Some misunderstandings about quality backlinks


Because many of you pay too much attention to the indexes, so 90% of SEO-er just try to find blog comments, forums with indicators TF = 50, DA = 80. 

And they think “wow, so great ! If I have a link here, it will help my SEO ranking jump from top 10 to 5, or top 90 to 50 ”. But your rankings improve very little.

Do not let such things make you think: “Off-page backlink is no longer effective at this time when on-page SEO is gradually dominating”.

In fact, both off-page and on-page SEO are effective and lasting over time!

SEO on-page and SEO off-page

I didn’t say that the links you create are not of quality. It depends on how you use the link. For example, many people create a web 2.0 link model, or a social networking model that makes the link stronger and then shoots the link to your website, it will have a good influence on keyword rankings.

However, it will be a link that is not overrated by google and has a very little impact on SEO when you create many links from blog comments or DA = 100 pages.

So the “links you earn” has the indexes of DA, PA, TF, CF much smaller than the “link you create”, it always has a more influence on your keyword rankings. 

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The problem of link placement


The link below the footer, and the link below the widget are the two categories that give you the lowest value. It will be a lot better if your link is inserted into the post. 

In this section, I will discuss more about the quality of the link when placed in different positions on the website in the following articles / videos.

Now, let’s step through the second factor, the relevance of the keyword and also the most important factor at the present time as well as in the future.

The relevance


Now, I will let you know a secret I’ve never revealed before. Google increasingly prioritizes relevance of back links to a website.

And after Google’s Fred update on March 8, most people think that Google focuses mainly on content. But in fact … That update became more and more important about the backlink than anything else!

But because almost all Seo-er, only pay attention to getting quality backlinks (but not relevant). 

The relevance of keywords

There is a big secret here, It is when most people hear the relevance of the website, they think this is the relevance of the website content. But in fact,  what I want to mention is the relevance of the KEYWORD, NOT RELATED FROM THE CONTENT.

I know an interview about successful of SEO, In that interview, They exchanged and shared about the topics:

  • Why doesn’t earning money mean happiness?
  • How to increase traffic to a blog without “producing” too much content?
  • The secret of Backlink building 
  • SEO thinking and the combination of multi-channel marketing system to develop blog / website
  • How to manage and build an online business from your own passion
  • ….

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The priority order ranks the relevance of a website

Most people think the relevance is derived from content. But in fact, Google evaluates the relevance of a website as well as a high or low score in order of priority:

  • Domain
  • URL
  • Title
  • Content

How to create a high quality backlink. 

1, Guest post


For example, I’m working in the SEO field, my website works the same. I found a website with good metrics that also talks about SEO, in this case, I will write an article containing a lot of valuable and detailed information, then ask them to share with their readers about this paragraph.

Because this is an extremely valuable post to their field and readers, they will “not mind” re-sharing this article and can either keep the links in your article or quote the source. your website.

2, Broken link building

Broken link building (building “broken” links): there will be a lot of pages that link out to another article, but for some reasons when you click on these links it leads to the other domain page, which is 404 error (because the post was deleted).


Now you can write an extremely good article on the same topic as that deleted post, email the site owner to ask them to review and change the old link to your new article link.

You also can learn more about how to create quality backlinks from link bating, round up link building, PBN link, …

Maybe you’re interested in email finder

However, one of the ways I like the most, and also use the most is PBN link.

PBN (Private Blog Network)can be understood as the old domain name. It plays a big part in helping me to top the keywords.

All above guides are experienced from eFox Solution and gathered from many sources. We hope that you can have more knowledge about the quality backlink and this will help your work. Hope everyone will be successful, see you in the next articles.

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