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Actually when you start designing and developing websites or online marketing, you are not  sure about SEO. You’ve heard about SEO and many people recommend you to do SEO. So what’s SEO? Why is SEO necessary for Your website?

I surely promise that you will get clear information about SEO or what Search Engine Optimization does after you take your time to follow this article.

I will not only explain about SEO definition or Search Engine Optimization website jobs. but also  mention to  the applications and results on search engines that you expected!

Let’s move on

What’s SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It includes several methods to help users improve the ranking of a website on the search engine results page – SERPs (usually Google).

How many types of SEO

1. Overall SEO

Overall SEO is optimize the entire website according to Google standards along with others factors to increase the reputation and quality of the website, as well as improving the user experience.

To optimize overall SEO, need to ensure 3 main factors are SEO onpage, offpage and technical.

2. Keyword SEO

Different from overall Search Engine Optimization, keyword SEO only focuses on optimizing keywords to achieve the highest ranking on search results pages like Google.

However, for keyword, the overall website also needs to optimize the onpage, offpage and technical.

3. Social SEO

In Social, social media sites and user interaction on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, etc will be combined with Search Engine Optimization to contribute the increasing rankings for the website.

Basically, whether Search Engine Optimization website or social media platform, quality content still plays main factor for high rankings.

4. App SEO

In fact, there are more mobile device users than desktops so there are several ways to help the app appear on mobile search results.

Therefore, with SEO, your app can show up on this results page is extremely important, not only attracting new users but also retargeting existing users.

5. SEO Image

Image SEO is an optimization process that helps to product images, website images with higher ranking on Google and other image search engines. The main tasks in image optimization include:

  • Minimize image file size to reduce page load speed.
  • Name the file with keywords or image content, unsigned, merged by “-“. For example: seo-service-in-viet-nam.png
  • Optimize other components such as caption, alt tag, structured data, open graph…

6. Local SEO

Local SEO is a type of Search Engine Optimization which is quite suitable for local business.

Understandably, when you have a website and aim to attract customers to visit your store in that locality, this is the best option.

With local, you need to add your business name, address, contact information to all pages on the website.

  • Add Local Business schema on homepage
  • Create a Google My Business account
  • Register business with Yelp, Yahoo small business, Foursquare …
  • Advertise website on local directories / websites (for example, on local online newspaper).

Basic process of SEO

SEO includes many techniques ranging from simple to advance, confusing for beginners to learn. Therefore, to avoid wasting time and effort, requiring Search Engine Optimization must have a basic and accurate process. As follows:

Step 1: Keyword research

Keyword research through supporting from tools and analytics to users and competitors alike.

Step 2: Building content

After acquiring the most potential and quality keywords, proceed to build the structure and content of the landing pages to target the keywords.

Step 3: Optimize onpage

Optimize onpage for keywords such as title, H1, meta description, images, readability …

Step 4: Optimize offpage

Optimize offpage or in other words build a backlink system pointing to the home page and important pages.

Step 5: Track results

Track results and continue to optimize the factors affecting Search Engine Optimization according to Google standards.

Step 6: Advanced optimization

From ranking and traffic achieved, continue to analyze in depth and improve optimization such as bounce rate, time on site…

Difference between SEO and Adwords

When you search for the keyword “investment in vietnam” on a search engine, you can see a series of search results. Take a look at the picture below:

difference adwords and SEO
Under Adwords is SEO

The first part of the search results, which appear “Ad” (advertising) means Google Adwords – paid advertising. And the next part without those words is (Search Engine Optimization).

And in the order, the websites ranked in the next position in turn are considered to have top 1, top 2, top 3 positions on search engines like Google. You think:

  • Website owned by famous brands, with extremely large amount of traffic (traffic), can be ranked first in the search engines ???
  • Small businesses will never be at the top of the search results ???

However, the truth is not like that! All the top positions have the optimal method to get high rankings on search engines. And the technical term for that is SEO. This process takes a lot of time and effort but once you are on the top, you will get sustainable results and quality.

Meanwhile, Google Adwords is an advertising platform owned by Google. Advertisers (advertisers) will choose to display ads and auctions based on clicks or views so that ads appear in the highest position possible.

When you no longer have the budget to run ads, of course your website will disappear.

The goal of SEO

The two most important factors of SEO, the decision to rank your website is:

  • SEO Onpage
  • SEO Offpage

Overall, Search Engine Optimization not only helps you:

  • Optimize friendly website for search engines.
  • Solution for improving the quality of website content in the eyes of users.

At that end, the main Search Engine Optimization goal is:

Increase the quantity traffic of potential users to the website.

Understand what’s SEO – Search engine optimization to improve website rankings

Why need SEO for Your website

In your opinion, what are the benefits of seo? Why do so many people learn and do SEO?

For me, this is really the best part! Search Engine Optimization brings a lot of benefits both short term and long term to the development of your company.

Let’s get started on the benefits of SEO!

1. Optimization ROI

ROI (Return On Investment) is the ratio of profit gained to investment costs.

With Search Engine Optimization website, you can:

  • Measure efficiency, confirm profit.
  • Understand website traffic.
  • Calculate the conversion rate of each keyword brought.
  • Have a more overview.
  • Know that you encounter problems, invest in the wrong segment to solve specific.
ROI ratio of SEO

2. Cost Effective

SEO website is a cost effective way / strategy of marketing. Because it is aimed at reaching people who are actively seeking products and services.

Difference with telemarketing, SEO marketing is an inbound marketing – marketing method based on content that attracts potential customers.

SEO is a cost effective marketing strategy

Maybe telesales are still an effective marketing strategy. But to find a potential customer, this approach costs about 60% more than you use SEO for your own business.

By targeting and reaching customers who are in need and proactively looking for specific products and services on the internet, seo marketing gives you more quality website visits than strategies. Other social network marketing. At the same time, maximum cost savings for your company.

3. Improve user experience

One of the main techniques that makes a successful SEO campaign is the continuous improvement of the structure and content on your website in the best way.

Detailed instructions: How to SEO website top Google 2020

This helps:

  • Search engines easily find out your website
  • Users easily acquire and search information on your site. From there, users will appreciate your site more.

4. Understand behavior potential customer

As I mentioned earlier, if SEO helps you get quality traffic, Google Analytics will help you track and analyze this traffic.

Google Analytics records and statistics:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Language
  • Search history
  • Time, how customers know your site

These data are extremely valuable since  they help you answer the question: “What is your prospect’s portrait?”. From there ,choose the effective marketing campaigns to apply for both online and offline!

In addition, Google Analytics also helps you know the increase or decrease of traffic to the website when a new algorithm is updated from Google.

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From ranking and traffic achieved, continue to analyze in depth and improve optimization such as bounce rate, time on site…
Some Pittsburgh SEO agencies have proven track records in developing and executing the six processes outlined above, and their services are far less expensive than those offered in larger cities.

5. Create trust for businesses

Do users always think “Rank higher on search results website proves that website is more reputable”?

The keyword’s search ranking is like a vote of faith: “Google puts a website in the top position, which means it is a leading company in this field.”

Your customers may not realize it, but the higher rankings appear in your search results, the more trust you get in their eyes.

6. Building, strengthening and developing brands

As a business, you always want your website reach on  top of the page when users search for products and services in your business area.

Building, strengthening and developing brands

However, what is the reason?

Just to increase the rate of access to the website, doesn’t it?

The answer is “Not really”

Actually, Businesses always want to build themselves a great brand image in the eyes of the user’s eyes.

For example: Most users who use the Google search engine never stop searching for a keyword or clicking on a website and completing it.

Instead, they tend to search more for relevant keywords, many and many times until they get enough information.

So what does this mean?

Your business will appear constantly in searchers’ eyes  on the top position of Google. And even it can be the supper perfect chances when users see your business as one of the major brands of the product and service business for their target.

Supposing your site consistently appears in the first 5 positions of the keyword that they are searching for…

You are definitely  like one of the top 5 companies in your own field or market?


Now you understand what’s SEO?

Hopefully the article will give you a solid foundation to continue monitoring seo-specific articles at eFOX Solution.

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